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TITLE:  "Egg Baby" Parenting

AUTHOR:  Debilyn Janota, St. Mary Grade School;
         Stayton, OR

GRADE LEVEL:  8th; Social Studies/Religion/Science

OVERVIEW:  The purpose of this project is to allow you to
experience some of the responsibilities that are involved in
the care of human "babies".  The following guidelines are
lad out in your success in this activity.

1.   The student will be able to express in writing feelings
     and conditions of being a parent.
2.   The student will express the positive/negative
     experiences verbally.
3.   Identify responsibilities that parents have in taking
     care and raising children.
4.   Describe the process of preparation in planning and
     creating their "egg" human babies.

RESOURCES/MATERIALS:  Blown egg/eggs, imagination and
creativity of design and money for babysitting if needed.

1.   The project begins on Monday, at the beginning of
     Social Studies class and ends at the end of Social
     Studies class, on Friday, of that same week.  Each day
     at the beginning of class there will be an "egg" check
     worth 10 points.  Your "egg" must remain in good
     condition.  (These checks are worth 50 points.  Thus,
     you need to take this seriously!)
2.   Remember these are your children.  They are very young
     and can never be left unattended.  If you must leave
     them during this activity for any reason, you must
     secure "egg" care fro them at the rate of 20 cents per
     hour.  ("Egg sitters" - I would suggest payment in
     advance for any care!)
3.   You will receive 10 points for your parent's signature
     on the bottom of this form.  By signing this form, your
     parents are indicating that they have read it and are
     ready to assist you as "egg" grandparents.
4.   On the last day of this project, class time will be
     given for a written evaluation of your experiences
     during this time.  The title for this will be "Egg Baby
     -- What did I Learn from Caring for Mine?"  This will
     be worth 10 pints of your total and needs to be stapled
     to the back of this form.
5.   This form must be with your "egg" during each check and
     must be kept in a neat, clean, and unrumpled condition.
     This is worth 5 points of your total.
6.   Please remember, Mrs. Janota is not an unreasonable
     person. ( most times she is not
     unreasonable!)  If you run into any difficulties or
     problems during the course of this project, please come
     and talk to her.

Egg check # 1 3/15    ________ points (10 possible)
Egg check # 2 3/16    ________ points (10 possible)
Egg check # 3 3/17    ________ points (10 possible)
Egg check # 4 3/18    ________ points (10 possible)
Egg check # 5 3/19    ________ points (10 possible)
Parent signature--    ________ points (10 possible)
"Egg Baby - What..?"  ________ points (10 possible)
Condition - Handout   ________ points (5 possible)
Total                 ________ points (total possible)

* I have read this handout and understand that my child
needs to have his/her "egg" ready to begin life on Monday,
March 15.  (No raw or hard boiled eggs.  Blow the egg out,

Parent Signature ____________________________________

NOTE:  "Egg Babies" may be decorated or given whatever
necessities you feel necessary to make your "baby" more


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