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Susan Vana, Genoa High School, Hugo, CO


Appropriate for grades 10-12.

OVERVIEW:  While the process of aging is inevitable, many high
school students do not comprehend its scope.  By witnessing,
observing and investigating this process students can better
understand society and their relationship to it.

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this unit on aging is to provide
experiences and activities to increase students understanding and
empathy towards people of many different ages.

OBJECTIVES:  Student will be able to:

     1.  Identify the various age "stages" and their

     2.  Identify the infancy stages through observation.

     3.  Describe the changes that occur between childhood,
         adolescence, and adulthood.

     4.  Draw conclusions about similarities and differences
         between generations.

     5.  Give a biographical sketch of a senior resident of the
         community from birth to present.

     6.  Describe how life will change for all age groups 50 years
         from now based on information gathered in the unit.


     1.  Observe infant (3-18 months) paying close attention to
         social behavior and independent growth.

     2.  Observe relationship between parents and children for
         bonding signs.

     3.  Start a growth timeline to be continued through old age.

     4.  Panel discussion.  Groups go to middle school classroom
         for questions and answers about important topics in

     5.  Interview senior resident at nursing home on life in
         their time.  From beginning to present.

     6.  Question a panel of adults on how society has changed for

RESOURCES/MATERIALS NEEDED:  Available in local community.

TO TIE IT ALL TOGETHER:  To tie it all together, have student
write a paper titled "Being My Own Grandchild."


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