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K. K. Kittler, Redmond High School, Redmond, WA


Appropriate for grades 10-12.

OVERVIEW:  This activity gives the student with a talent for free
hand drawing a chance to excel.  It can be used in World History
or U.S. History in conjunction with a Mid-East unit.

PURPOSE:  It gives the student a visual image of the boundaries of
the nation states in the Middle East.  The student will also
visualize the crisis areas occupied by Israel.

OBJECTIVES:  The objective is to have the learner identify the
nations in the Middle East and the Golan Heights, Sinai, and the
West Bank.

ACTIVITIES:  The learner practices drawing a map of the Middle
East free hand and labeling the critical areas of the West Bank,
Golan Heights, and Sinai as well as Turkey, Lebanon, Israel,
Syria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.  It may take a half
dozen attempts before the learner feels comfortable enough to "do
it for real."  During the practice attempts the learner may refer
to maps of the area and ask the teacher for help.  The teacher
monitors the practice attempts.  The students then "do it for
real" and are made aware of how many points the map is worth and
how it will be graded.


TYING IT ALL TOGETHER:  Students may not have correct proportions
(that's the fun of it), but they do remember where the West Bank,
Golan Heights, and Sinai are located.


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