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Thomas E. Collins, Hulett High School, Hulett, WY


Appropriate for grades 10-12.

OVERVIEW:  Members of our society are exposed to various sources
of information, TV, videos, movies, newspapers and magazines. 
These sources of information can influence public opinion, ideas
and attitudes of a large number of people.  Television and videos
appear to be the most influential sources of information for
children growing up in today's society.

By using TV/video in the classroom we can excite the student to
learn about its influence as well as allowing us to focus on
specific issues relating to the family in our society.

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the activity is to allow the students to
experience what takes place in the production of a newscast or
newsmagazine on a specific issue.  It also will allow for and
encourage students creativity in the production of commercials or
skits pertaining to the issue you desire to cover in any social
studies area.

OBJECTIVES:  Students will be able to:

 1.  List six functions of the family, (reproduction,
     socialization, social control, providing status, passing on
     private property, and providing companionship and affection),
     and identify which are primary and which are secondary.

 2.  Describe five trends that characterize the American family
     today, (first marriage at an older age, increase in divorce
     rate, more single parent families, smaller families, and an
     increase in both spouses working).

 3.  Identify various ways of selecting marriage partners and
     discuss dating in our society by comparing dating practices
     of your parents generation with your own.


A.)  1.  Divide the class into three equal groups to cover each of
         the above three goals.  Have each group research
         information pertaining to a different goal and report its
         findings to the remainder of the class as news

     2.  Additional responsibilities for each group;

         Group #1 - reporting - also act as final editors, and put
                    the program together for taping.

         Group #2 - reporting - responsible for writing and
                    production of one commercial skit relating to
                    goal - max. 5 min.

         Group #3 - reporting - responsible for writing and
                    production of one commercial skit relating to
                    goal - max. 5 min.

     3.  There will be two co-anchor persons (male and female) to
         do the final broadcast.  Preferably chosen by the
         instructor or by audition.

     4.  Technical crew taken from the 3 groups will be in charge
         of the camera, video equipment and sets for the program.

     5.  Each group doing skits will provide the actors and work
         with the technical crew in order to complete any
         additional sets.

     6.  Suggested time for the program is one week for a 35
         minute program.  If possible, check with a local TV
         station for a tour, or have a local personality come to
         your class to talk about what goes into a program.  You
         may with to have the students compile some questions
         beforehand about TV's influence on the family.  You may
         also wish to ask, who controls the media and what we see
         on TV?  You and your students may have other ideas as
ɪDUEM*եkѱext books on the
American Family.

TYING IT ALL TOGETHER:  To make this project complete you may wish
to show the program to other classes or contact your local TV
station again and see if they would be interested in doing a story
about your program!

It is important for the students to understand that facts are
necessary when reporting information.  They will also part of this
the Family in our society is changing and maybe part of this
change is being influenced by the tool they have used to learn
about it.


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