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TITLE:  Class Reunion

AUTHOR:  Nancy Zernel, McNary High School, OR

 Social Studies in general,  Sociology, Psychology, etc.

OVERVIEW:  Lesson prepared in an effort to make students
ruminate about their future and preparation for life
beyond high school.

PURPOSE:  Painlessly requires students to begin the process
of decision making regarding their own goals and objectives.

OBJECTIVES:  Students should come away with a "more realistic"
attitude about future endeavors.  Review of material at end of
term could produce eye opening results.

RESOURCES/MATERIALS:  Exercise sheet Summary page (if you
choose to formalize this page)

  1)  Students will complete the Class Reunion form without
consultation.  Teacher will discuss general questions giving
few examples.   Ask that students be realistic (i.e., no
lottery millionaires).
  2)  Require students to summarize a plan of activity,
action, purpose, etc. that will lead to the conclusions in
the exercise. In other words, how do I get there from here?
  3)  Teacher collects and keeps these exercises until the
end of term.  At that time return to the students to review.

TYING IT ALL TOGETHER:  The result of this exercise is usually
startling to the students. Even after 18 weeks, they find
their goals have been modified, their love-lives have changed,
and many of their attitudes appear silly, juvenile, and

                 CLASS REUNION

  Mr(s)___________________'s class is holding a class reunion.
This reunion will mark the tenth anniversary of the graduation
of this class.  The reunion is a chance for members to gather
after ten years to talk about how they have changed, grown,
and survived after high school.
  In order to prepare for the REUNION NEWS, please complete
the following questionnaire.


Are you married?            How long?

How many children do you have?  How many do you want?

What is your occupation?  What is your annual salary?

Describe the important personal relationships in your life?

What role do your parents play in your life?

What do you value most that your parents have taught you?

What is your financial situation?

Are you currently in love?

Has anyone you loved died yet?

Are you dedicated to any "cause"?

Do you have a mentor?  Who was your mentor in high school?

Where do you live?  Describe the living arrangement.

Do you attend any place of worship?

What do you do for recreation and excitement?

Complete the following:

My hope for the future is :

The three most important things that have happened since
high school are :

What I miss most about the "good old days" is :

When I die, I hope they say of me :


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