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AUTHOR:  Boyd Whitesides; Clearfield High, Utah


OVERVIEW:  Contracts, offer, and acceptance are the basic parts
of the activities of a modern civilized society.  Students do not
realize how many of their everyday activities constitute making
and keeping binding agreements.  Their entire lives will be made
up of these important aspects of the basic contract.

PURPOSE:  To thoroughly explore "offer" and "acceptance" in
relationship to making binding agreements.

OBJECTIVES:  As a result of this activity, the students should be able to:
  1.  List the elements of an offer.
  2.  Describe how an offer is ended.
  3.  Explain the elements of an acceptance.
  4.  Know when a genuine offer and acceptance results in a binding

The Business Law Text
Newspaper articles concerning contracts
Resource Guide for Law

ACTIVITIES AND PROCEDURES:  Assign verbal topics where the students
explain to the class the following topics.  Each student is
considered an "expert" in the following topics assigned.  (about
2-3 minutes per verbal topic)
  1.  What is a offeror and offeree?
  2.  An offer must be intended to create a legal obligation.
  3.  An offer must be definite.
  4.  An offer must be communicated to the offeree.
  5.  An offer ends at a stated time.
  6.  An offer ends at the end of a reasonable length of time.
  7.  An offer ends when rejected by the offeree or counteroffer.
  8.  An offer ends when revoked or modified before offeree has accepted.
  9.  An offer ends with the death or insanity of the offeror or the
  10. An offer can be kept open with an option -- (money down)
  11. An acceptance can only be made by the person to whom the offer is
  12. An acceptance must be unconditional and identical with the offer.
  13. An acceptance must be communicated.
  14. Acceptance by the offeree creates a valid contract.

TYING IT ALL TOGETHER:  By being tested on these elements of offer and
acceptance which constitute contract law, the students will take with
them valuable knowledge which will benefit them in their daily lives.
Many students return to state the valuable knowledge gained in contract
law and the other aspects of business law.  This is the big payoff for
me in the field of law education.


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