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             or HAPPILY EVER AFTER...

AUTHOR:   Linda Dickerson; Redmond School District, OR

GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT:     6-A   Language Arts, Social Studies

The media in our country presents a controversy. 
The rights of the accused - the rights of the victim.

Length of Lesson:    1 hour to 1 week, depending on interest and your
time constraints.

PURPOSE:    This lesson encourages students to use all levels of
Bloom to look at the case of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' through the
eyes of our present legal

1.  TLW work in small and large groups to solve a problem.
2.  TLW analyze the story to determine if Jack was a criminal or a
    victim.  What rights does he have?
3.  TLW determine which crimes, if any, may have been committed
    based on present day laws.  Whose rights were violated?

RESOURCES/MATERIALS:  A common version of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'
for all students.

1.  Read 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.
2.  In small groups, examine Jack's behavior and the behavior of
other characters to answer questions such as:
  "Why did Jack climb the beanstalk the third time."
3.  In large group, discuss possible crimes in this case and list
the suspects.
4.  In large group, act as a Grand Jury.

The class acts as the Grand Jury to determine if a crime has been

Extension:  If Jack is bound over for trial - proceed with the
trial.  One half the class be the defense, one half be the prosecution.
1.  Use local resources to build both cases: 
    police, attorneys, judges, social service workers, juvenile
    workers, etc.
2.  Have a simulation of the trial.
3.  Video tape the trial.


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