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AUTHOR:  Forrest Boggs; Windsor High School, Windor, CO


BACKGROUND:  This lesson can be completed very quickly or spread
over an extended period of time.  This lesson can be used as
pre-test to see what your students know or do not know about the
locations of our states.

OBJECTIVES:  To help the students learn in cooperative way, the
geographic locations of each state of the United States.

1.  Place a back ground sheet of paper on the floor (large enough
to handle 50 8 1/2" X 11" sheets of paper) each sheet represents a
state of the union.
2.  Give each student a sheet with a state written on it.  Hand
them out until all fifty states are handed out.
3.  Each student is to then cut out the shape of the state he or
she was assigned, then place the cut out on the background sheet
on the floor.
4.  The students may only use each other to work the puzzle of the
United States out.
5.  You may have the students add capitals or other significant
landmarks onto the map.
6.  When finished you can compare what they think to what really is.


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