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TITLE:  The Stock Market

AUTHOR:  Jeff Fletcher, Blackwell, OK

GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT:  11-12, economics

OVERVIEW:  Many students here and read about the stock
market, investing and other related areas that they know
little about, and certainly do not know how these things
work.  Most students think these things are heard only in
the news and are only important in far off places like New
York City.

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this activity is to help students
to have at least a simple understanding of the stock market,
and also see how many factors can influence the market.
They begin to understand how many things are inter-related -
the stock market and politics for example.  And they gain
responsibility and enhance their ability to think and make

OBJECTIVES:  Students will gain an understanding of the
stock market to where they can legally make money that the
can later spend in class.

RESOURCES/MATERIALS:  copies, from newspaper of stock market
(Tuesday through Saturday editions), stock forms for daily
recordings, copies of rules

1.   Designate some students who will be brokers.  Brokers
     are used to buy and sell stock for commission.  They
     may or may not also have stock.  They also will act as
     police to make sure transactions are legal.
2.   Make copies of stock form that has columns for name of
     stock, date purchased and sold, numbers of shares,
     daily prices etc.
3.   Go over any rules you visit to have with brokers.
4.   Students buying stock will receive a certain amount of
     imaginary money to invest.  They then will begin
     reviewing the markets to make their investments.
5.   If possible invite a local stock broker to speak and
     have students study any appropriate material in text.
6.   Students will make daily recordings of stocks and
     brokers will make daily checks for illegal transactions
     that could lead to fines or loss of investment
7.   If students make money they may use it for later
     auctions if desired for pencils, free time etc.
8.   Other activities can be incorporated such as bankers to
     make loans and lawyers to settle disputes.

  1.  Participation grades can be taken for these
  2.  Review things that arise in class as problems or
      actual out of class happenings.
  3.  Test students on some basic knowledge of stock market
      and of their involvement in the activity.


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