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AUTHOR:  Jeff Jelskey, Natrona County High School;
         Casper, WY


A.   The students will gain a better understanding of
     how our Constitution is a living entity,
     applicable to today's issues.
B.   The students will be able to visualize the
     amendments by associating pictures or
     illustrations to each one.

MATERIALS:  Construction paper, legal paper (rough
draft), scissors, colored markers, glue, tape, old
magazines, etc.

A.   Have the students copy the due date, point value,
     and *criteria for the project off the overhead:
     *each square must contain a picture, illustration,
     or phrase (or both) which represents each of the
     twenty six amendments to the Constitution.
     NOTE: students  cannot use any of the wordings or
     titles found in the amendments on their projects.
     Also stress the use of color and continuity.
B.   Model:
     1.  Fold a 8.5 x 11 paper in half four times.
         This a rough draft, larger construction
         paper will be used for the final draft.
     2.  Unfold. There should be sixteen equal
     3.  The two top upper left squares will contain
         the title "Bill of Rights".  Squares 3-7
         will contain the five freedoms found in the   
first amendment. Squares 8-16 will contain
         the rest of the Bill of Rights.  Flip sheet
         over.  The remaining  amendments will fit
         on the back. One per square.
     4.  Have the students write in the title of
         each amendment and its description in the
         appropriate square.  This will be a guide
         for their final drafts.

Have students take home rough drafts and to look for
pictures they could use in their projects.

Methods:  Lecture, Question and Answer, Visual aids,
and Modeling.


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