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AUTHOR:   Sandy Kellogg, Churchill Co. Jr. High,
          Fallon, Nv.

GRADE LEVEL: appropriate for any grade level

OVERVIEW:  To have students review materials presented to
them in chapter readings, class lectures and handouts.
Students are actively involved by helping to prepare
questions and answers that will be used in playing history

PURPOSE: To help students review material presented to them
in their readings and class lectures by using triple
strength learning methods (reading it, writing it and saying
it).  Students will be forced to review materials in order
to write questions and answer them.  The clues placed on 3 X
5 cards will be used in a fun and challenging way when the
bingo game is played with the whole class.  This game could
be used to review for chapter test, unit test, or just
vocabulary words.

OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to:

1.   review main ideas, key words, people and dates of the
     chapter studied by writing review questions to be used
     as clues while playing history bingo

2.   visually identify key people, important dates and
     events as well as vocabulary words on their bingo cards
3.   write clues in the form of a question or complete a
     statement using one to two word answers

4.   design a grid with five columns and five rows placing
     one or two words in each square that will respond to a
     question they have written (may depend on age level and
     time, may be better to have these forms already made up
     and run off)

1.   develop a list of 25 key people, events, important
     dates along with vocabulary words used in the chapter
     &/or lectures

2.   print the word or words on the bingo card
     (it is easier for the students' if the bingo grid is
     already made and run off for them)

3.   write the clue on one side of a 3 X 5 card and the
     correct response on the other side; write vocabulary
     words and definitions on a specific colored index

4.   collect the clue cards and have the students exchange
     bingo cards

5.   play the game history bingo

Teacher Materials:
     3 X 5 index cards
     vocabulary words on one color (optional)
     bingo grid run off - 2 games can be placed on one
        8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper

Student Materials:
     3 X 5 index cards
     textbook, class notes, handouts etc.
     bingo grid to print responses on

TYING IT TOGETHER:  History bingo is a fun way to get
students to review what they have learned by rereading,
identifying main ideas, noting key people, places and
events, in addition to reinforcing vocabulary words.
History bingo gives students practice in writing test
questions and answers them.  By putting the questions or
clues on 3 X 5 cards the students can review by themselves
or with a study buddy before the game is to be played or can
be saved and used at a later date.


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