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TITLE: Concentration/Constitution and Bill of Rights

AUTHOR:  Carl J. Dermady Jr., West Jefferson School,
         Marrero, LA

GRADE LEVEL:  Any level
Either as a class activity or in groups of three each
Length of Activity: One class period

OVERVIEW:  The class will engage in a spirited competition
on the Constitution/Bill of Rights by trying to identify
phrases connected with the Constitution/ Bill of Rights.

OBJECTIVE(s):  The students will be able to:
1)  Identify phrases from the Constitution/Bill of
2)  Recall information learned on the Constitution/Bill
    of Rights

MATERIALS:  Poster boards, markers, question sheet,
Constitution/Bill of Rights, scissors, and tape.

1)   Teacher will obtain a poster board. The poster should
     be divided into twelve equal sections. Each square
     should be numbered one to twelve on one side. On the
     other side of the poster, a phrase will be written
     pertaining to the Constitution/Bill of Rights. One word
     should be written in each square. The poster should
     then be cut into twelve squares. The poster is then
     reassembled and taped on the board with numbers
2)   Each group will have three people; two contestants and
     one moderator. The moderator will ask a question on the
     subject matter from a prepared list of questions (at
     least twenty). The first player to answer correctly
     will be able to turn over one number with the word for
     that number being displayed. The first person to
     correctly say the phrase exactly, wins.
3)   This game can be played in groups or as a class

Measure of Student Gains/
Student achievement of Objectives:

1)  Daily participation point
2)  Quiz grade

Students could be given ten points for each correct answer
and/or fifty point quiz grade for correctly identifying the


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