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TITLE:  Supreme Court Rulings

AUTHOR:  Rex Hefner, Okemah High School; Okemah, OK

GRADE LEVEL:  Sophomore/American History
              Honors and Library Science

OVERVIEW:  The objective was to familiarize students
with the constitution and amendments and to also give
an in depth opportunity to utilize the media center

PURPOSE:  In our changing society it is important for
students to be knowledgeable concerning the potential
flow of Supreme Court decisions by the high court.

1.   Demonstrate, through role play, knowledge of which
     constitutional amendments apply to criminal/civil
2.   Explain how the constitution affords protection to
3.   Identify resources that are relevant to their

Library media center
     (books, fax, computer, fiche etc.)
Text books
County Law Library
County Library
Local attorneys

1.   Students divide into small groups.
2.   The groups will be randomly assigned a
     constitutional amendment.
3.   Each group must develop a scenario which will
     challenge a point with that amendment.  (Example:
     The President must be 35.  Does this mean he is 35
     when he is running?)
4.   They must present their case, as they developed
     it, either pro or con, as another group sits as
5.   The judging group must write an opinion and make a
     ruling utilizing materials presented, and their
     own knowledge of the constitution and any research
     that time would allow.

TYING IT ALL TOGETHER:  After video taping student
presentations, the class will critique each
presentation.  A local attorney also views and
critiques the presentation and offers constructive


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