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TITLE:  Cultural Diversity

AUTHOR:  Nancy M. Hewlett, Rader Center; Sand Springs, Ok

GRADE LEVEL:  Appropriate for grades 10-12.
              Any subject area.

OVERVIEW:  This activity is designed for teachers who would
like to heighten student's awareness of lifestyles,
stereotyping, and cultural diversity.

PURPOSE:  To allow students the opportunity to further their
knowledge of lifestyles and cultural diversity.

OBJECTIVE(s):  Students will have an increased awareness of
lifestyles, stereotyping, sexism, racism, and cultural

Construction type paper/poster board
Paper for headbands

In order for this activity to be a positive experience, the
teacher must keep in mind that you are the one who is
responsible for the class.

My class is in groups of eight, with determinate sentences
of 90 days.  They enter the program and exit together.

On entering the classroom the day of the activity, a
headband is placed on each student's head.  Each person will
see the other's headband but not their own.  All the members
of the group take turns as the "victim".  The other group
members provide "clues" to the victim by giving him verbal
and non- verbal clues.  The expected outcome is for the
victim to guess what his/her identity is.

On each headband are the description:
     1.  Wealthy banker
     2.  Unemployed biker
     3.  Mistress
     4.  Pregnant mom on welfare, 4 kids
     5.  Drug addict
     6.  AIDS patient
     7.  Convict on parole
     8.  Gang banger

These descriptions can be changed to any stereotype.
I complete this activity within two weeks of admission.

1.  Ask the student how they feel after the activity?
    Sensitivity to stereotypes, etc.
2.  How can you as the teacher improve skills as a
3.  Did you accomplish your goals?  Was anything learned
    from the activity?


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