The Christa McAuliffe Center
Fellowship Winners


Julie A. Buer

The "Camp Tehama Environmental School" program will provide a position of program coordinator to design curriculum for summer science camps for elementary school students. State and Federal agencies will also participate in this program. (1990)

Cynthia Lynn Chun

"Room 11, Television Magazine" is a innovative program that will expand a successful pilot program. Fourth grade students will learn activities designed to train them in the language arts skills necessary to produce a monthly television magazine including preproduction activities. (1992)

Walter C. Coleman

The "Stewards of the Owen River Gorge" project was designed to provide educational, hands-on materials and experiences to enable students to increase their knowledge of the complete nature of ecology. The re-watering of the riverbed, which was dry due to the diversion of water for hydroelectric generation for 40 years, allowed students to get a first hand knowledge of the process of bringing water, trout, and native vegetation to a de-watered area. Students, parents, and teachers built a trail, and planted willow cuttings and seeds to help stop erosion of old stream beds. Water is now flowing(20 cfs), trout was planted, willows are growing and wildlife has returned. (1992)

Raleigh Conner

(Information to date is incomplete.)

Judith Crum

(Information to date is incomplete.)

Charles Robert Downing

"Integrating Science Concepts for Students: An Interdisciplinary Approach" is designed to produce curriculum materials that will overlap several science disciplines. Textettes will provide an outline of core information interspersed with enrichment content and student activities. (1992)

Sheldon J. Erickson