Subject: new non-surgical treatment in shrinking tonsil tissue?
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Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 13:33:15 +0100

Do you know of any new treatments in the area of shrinking the tonsil tissues. Being a singer and having chronically swollen tonsils, the thought of problematic scar tissue is a frightening prospect. Although my tonsils are chronically swollen and show signs of "crypting" with ejection of some matter, they are not painful and do not appear to be hindering my singing, although, one never knows how much they effect(or hinder)the acoustic resonation in the laryngal cavity. My question basically is, has there been any advancement in shrinking the tonsil tissues without the result of surgery and(in a worst case scenario)what are the possibilies of cryonic(freezing)removal in reducing the amount of scarring and post-operative complications. Also please inform me of any non-surgical possibilites(i.e. drug-treatments)

Thank you.

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There is a new treatment for chronic tonsillitis available which involves the use of a laser to ablate the crypts of the tonsils. It is described as an office procedure done under local anesthesia. More than one setting may be necessary to complete the treatment. The procedure is new and there is not yet a great deal of experience with it. On the horizon, there is also a new technique that will likely soon be available which involves the use of radio-frequency energy delivered through a needle electrode for tissue ablation.

Completely non-surgical methods of treating chronic tonsillitis include daily use of antiseptic mouth wash (Cepacol) combined with frequent daily gargling with dilute salt/baking soda solutions. More aggressive irrigations using a Grossan irrigator tip attached to a Water-pik device using the same salt/baking soda solutions may be more effective.


Steve Dankle, MD
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Milwaukee, Wis

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